2013 AToC Stage 2 start in Murietta

Another hot day and another day of lots of climbing. The pros were all relaxed before the start and gave tons of interviews and drank tons of water, half of the peleton had ice bags around their necks, looking for shade at the start line.

2013 AToC Stage 1 Escondido

We waited for this a long time, America’s largest Bicycle Race came to Escondido, our guests and the Velissimo team met at 10.30am downtown Escondido that was converted into one large cycling party with VIP tents, food vendors, bike expo, etc.   Velissimo’s VIP tent was situated right across the finish with perfect views onto the Stage set-up and pre-race rider presentation. It was hot! Predicted temperatures between 90F and 100F.  Riders went off on time at 11:15am, plenty of time to explore the surroundings. The so called media room turned out to be a 10×5 air conditioned “freezer box” […]

Mount Palomar, CA

A beautiful morning with no clouds and temperatures in the 80’s, perfect for a nice loop around Mt Palomar, with an average grade of 4.5%, 11 miles long its not that easy, officially a CAT1 climb. We started right away with a 4 miles climb to the intersection to the South Grade Road, some of us decided to ride up the east side and some took the direct route and much steeper section to the top.

Official Backstage Passes for Escondido and Murietta

Look what Santa Claus brought us, Technical Guide, All Access Pass, Official Tour Leader jersey, VIP Experience and starting line Passes.

The Velissimo Mobile

All Access Pass Banner for the 2013 Amgen Tour of California, a special thanks goes out to our sponsors: SCOTT USA, HammerGel, Continental Bicycle Tires, Beach Terrace Inn Carlsbad, 94574brand Winery Napa Valley and Cycle Station Hawaii.