Mallorca Day 4

Another short one today for me. More riders to pick up from the airport, so no time to ride long. Julia, Franz and a our fellow cyclist from New Zealand Scott planned a longer ride to the monastery on top of San Salvador at around 1600 feet. I took advice from Peter and rode on a new to me road to Cala Torta, not far from were we are staying. It was a beautiful road with a new black top. winding up a small mountain with 8-10% grades all the way to the first top and 12-14% on the second […]

Mallorca Day 3

A mixed bag of weather waited for us today. Our planned ride of 70+ miles turned into a wet, cold and windy 35miler. Brr, under shirt and arm warmers plus the “just in case” rain jacket were necessary today. It was still ok at the start of the ride, but coming into the second roundabout in Arta, rain began to hit, well, than we just turn left toward Port Cristo where it look promising warm and sunny. Only to find out that 2 miles down the road, the rain picked up even more. Fighting a stiff head wind we made […]

Mallorca Day 2

We woke up to another perfect morning, no clouds and a crisp 64 degrees. After a hefty breakfast Franz, Julia and I went for a, lets say, quick ride, due to the fact that we needed to pick up more riders from the airport. It was a long day with hours of delays, but I tell you, lots of things to see at an airport, We spent exactly six hours until we had every body in the van and made our way back to the hotel, right in time for dinner.    

Mallorca Day 1

The first day started with bad news from our friends and fellow cycling vacationers Sue and Dennis. What? They are not coming! Serious health issues with Dennis’ leg, that turned out later not being life threatened. Thank God, we’ll miss them dearly. Get well soon Dennis. Besides that, Julia and I went for a nice first day of riding through the beautiful country side around Petra and concurred a short but steep climb to the Santuri di Betlem at a mere 1,000 feet elevation. The weather has been great so far, not as warm as usual, 69F in the morning […]