Mallorca Day 9

Race Day! Today was the Ironman 70.3 Mallorca. We had two participants competing, Tom Dreyer from Eugene Oregon and Daniel Brandis from Potsdam Germany, the winner of the Monster Mango in February. The weather was great, maybe a little to hot for the run, 86F, both finished, congratulations. A small group rode down to the 3/4 way on the bike course to cheer our athletes on. The best way to end a ride is “Apes Bike” at our favorite restaurant by the pool.    

Mallorca Day 8

Wondering why nothing is posted? No camera, no pictures! Even I make mistakes, kind of hectic morning, left my camera in the room, sorry. Still went for an awesome ride, Scott, Franz and I tried desperately to brake the 30kmph average speed barrier, with no luck, just short of it . This is not Kona, I could swear that there is not one flat part on this island. Might need to climb a few more hills on my bike when I get back home.

Mallorca Day 7

Rest Day 7 continuous days of riding finally took its toll. We needed a rest day. As we called it “active recovery.” As most of recovery days turn out, we won’t slow down. Visited Colonia St Pere, a sleepy fishing village 17 miles north of us for some great views and coffee.        

Mallorca Day 6

Another perfect day. Clear skies, only a little wind, it’s been like Kona lately with a brisk head wind both ways, heading strait north today to the famous Cap Formentor, riding along the bays of Alcudia and Pollensa on the bike route of the weekends half Ironman 70.3. Word was not to ride all the way to the Lighthouse at the end of the Cap due to the road condition, I was looking forward to the last part because of its beauty, last time I saw the Lighthouse was 20 years ago! So we stopped at the first platform after […]

Mallorca Day 5

Last day of airport transfers! Cynthia and Tom arriving today from Oregon. This is it, vacation starts today! We woke up to blue sky and little warmer temperatures on our 6th day in Mallorca. A promising 78 degrees was announced by the local weather man. Due to another transfer day I only had 2.5 hrs to get a ride in. Decided to ride short and hard, another climb up to the Bethlem Monastery.