Mallorca Day 14

Second to last day of riding. Another climb to one of the greatest places to see Mallorca from the top, is called Puig de Randa, a 1,500 foot mountain top close to Palma. The plan was to ride to the top of the Randa and continue to the small fishing village of Cala Figuera to show the gang the beautiful bay of the above mentioned village. Two weeks of riding took its toll again and only Franz and I started the day for another epic ride. The rest of the riders took it easy and went for a shorter ride […]

Mallorca Day 13

Rain Day is Rest Day. What, another rain day, oh noooo…. With the bikes in our hands, ready to leave, standing in front of the “bike room”, shivering and looking up in fear, today’s ride is not going to happen. After careful considerations, it was actually an easy decision. Today is a true rest day. Even the temperature was not below 70F, it felt more like 50’sF, stiff breezes from the ocean and drizzle, brrrr. Happy faces everywhere, lets go shopppiiiinnggg! Peter and Regina drove us to Cala Millor, a tourist town about 4 miles down the road and gave […]

Mallorca Day 12

Against Coach Peter’s advice Franz and I decided to take on the climb to the monastery San Salvador. It payed off. It was another beautiful day in the saddle. 73 miles, 4408ft of climbing, so far we are up to 725mi and over 30,000ft of vertical.            

Mallorca Day 11

The most Epic Ride! This was the best ride ever. Scheduled 200k / 125 mi to the bay of Sa Calobra and back. Clear skies and cool temperatures waited for us at the start of the ride. The first real climb started at mile 40. A nice tree cover protected us from over heating. We made our way to the first top of the climb and stopped at the Lluc monastery for a quick food and fluid refill. Several BIG rollers got us to the entrance of Sa Calobra, surprisingly a downhill of 12k started with a 2.5k climb with […]

Mallorca Day 10

Second Rest Day, rephrase “active recovery day.” The goal was to do a shorter, flat ride, the only problem was, as mentioned in previous blogs, there is no really flat spots on the island of Mallorca, at least in the area we we’re residing. Taking some advice from Peter we explored some new beautiful roads with absolutely no traffic. Small detour in Son Carrio due to the annual fair brought us to Porto Cristo, this time with perfect weather.