2013 AToC Stage 1 Escondido

12th May 2013

We waited for this a long time, America’s largest Bicycle Race came to Escondido, our guests and the Velissimo team met at 10.30am downtown Escondido that was converted into one large cycling party with VIP tents, food vendors, bike expo, etc.   Velissimo’s VIP tent was situated right across the finish with perfect views onto the Stage set-up and pre-race rider presentation. It was hot! Predicted temperatures between 90F and 100F.  Riders went off on time at 11:15am, plenty of time to explore the surroundings. The so called media room turned out to be a 10×5 air conditioned “freezer box” cramped with 5 techs monitoring and sending all the TV feeds around the world, absolutely impressive, just as well as the whole organization of this race with over 1000 workers moving every day from town to town. Lucky us, we ran into Phil Liggitt and Bob Roll just before we left to go back to our tent, to watch the race go live.

Time went by fast following the race in our tent on a big screen TV.  Lieuwe Westra won the stage, 2nd place went to Mancebo and Peter Sagan was third.


IMG_1255 IMG_1266 IMG_1280 IMG_1277 IMG_1283 IMG_1282 IMG_1284 IMG_1306 IMG_1327

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